Companies can get tagged with severe OSHA fines even without workplace accidents

December 11, 2012

In the past, we have discussed several instances of investigations into workplace safety violations following job-related injuries and deaths. These accidents can be both costly to the companies cited for the infractions, as well as tragic for the victims and their loved ones. Continue reading

Dover Chemical Corp hit with more than $500,000 in fines due to safety violations

November 28, 2012

Forty-seven and 545,000. The first number is how many health and safety violations Dover Chemical Corp was cited for after an investigation into an accidental release of hazardous materials at its plant in Dover, Ohio last May. Continue reading

OSHA to investigate drilling rig collapse in North Dakota

November 20, 2012

A group of rig hands were lowering a Nabors oil rig in North Dakota in order to move it to another location when the tall derrick collapsed last week, according to a company spokesman. Continue reading

OSHA releases preliminary top 10 list of most common safety violations in 2012

October 29, 2012

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced a preliminary list of the top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal 2012 last week. Continue reading