Companies may need to train employees on recent OSHA update

With the new OSHA update, it's critical that employers train their workers for compliance.

In regards to workforces that are exposed to chemicals on a regular basis, maintaining a safe workplace is extremely important for everyone involved. Especially since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), adopted the Globally Harmonized System requirements for chemical classification and labeling. This update isn't very different than the previous OSHA requirements but the changes are very crucial and important, especially for workers who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis.

The Cincinnati-based Citnas Corporation released some tips for how employers and managers can ensure proper employee compliance. According to Citnas, employers should start training their workforce immediately to guarantee that all the bases of compliance are covered and employees become knowledgeable on these updates as soon as possible.

"Hazardous chemical information needs to be communicated to any employee who is exposed to or works with chemicals – even bleach," said John Amann, vice president of first aid and safety at Cintas. "With GHS affecting over 5 million businesses, it is important that all employees are trained and understand the upcoming changes to chemical safety so businesses can keep workers safe and maintain OSHA compliance."

One efficient and cost effective way to promote worker safety and disseminate complicated information to large groups is through the use of online training software to conduct OSHA compliance training. By using an online learning management system, workers are able to learn this information quickly and easily to avoid way missing much work or decreased productivity as compared to a meeting with the entire staff. 


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