OSHA cites North Dakota company with 51 safety violations

Adams Thermal Systems was cited by OSHA for 51 safety violations - among them, failure to properly document forklift inspections.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a report last week, citing South Dakota-based Adams Thermal Systems with 51 safety violations – 44 of which were classified as serious.

The citations – stemming from a February 2012 investigation – come with a proposed $225,000 in fines. According to an OSHA press release, this brings the total fines against the engine cooling systems manufacturer to $435,000 for the year.

The company was issued $210,000 in fines three months ago following an investigation into the work-related death of an employee in November 2011. The most recent violations include a number of items that could have easily been avoided with the proper online compliance training solutions. Those violations are:

•  Failure to conduct and document forklift and crane inspections

•  Failure to properly store gas cylinders

•  Failure to use personal protective equipment identified on a hazard assessment and ensure that the equipment fits affected workers

•  Failure to provide safety training and label hazardous gas piping

"The multitude of violations found during this inspection demonstrates this employer's serious shortcomings toward a commitment to providing a safe and healthful workplace," said Eric Brooks, OSHA's acting area director in Bismarck, North Dakota. "OSHA is committed to protecting workers on the job, especially when employers fail to do so."

The company has been investigated by OSHA five times since 2004 for safety violations. In light of current and past citations, Adams Thermal Systems has been placed in the agency's Severe Violator Enforcement Program, mandating a series of follow-up inspections to ensure compliance.

If the company hopes to avoid future fines and potentially being shut down, now might be a good time to explore the benefits of online OSHA training options.



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