Company turns corporate training software into video game

Rather than inefficient HR meetings for training, one company has created a video game to conduct its employee training.

When it comes to training new employees, most managers tend to find the process a drudge in the hiring process. With decks of conventional PowerPoint slides and three ring binders of worksheets as their only tools, oftentimes the employees and employers in this process will do enough to get by at the time, but quickly move on from the training, leaving it as either a non productive meeting or the new hires forgetting the session altogether.

But, according to Fortune Magazine, one company is attempting to change the way companies train their employees with a new type of online training software that will take the typically dreaded experience of HR training and turn it into a riveting experience for new employees.

The learning management software, known as True Office, is a game that new hires must complete for their compliance training. Although employees may not fall in love with the game itself, the goal is to at least make HR training more enjoyable.

According to Fortune, the company is finishing trials of this game and plans to launch it in theis next coming month. Early users already say they can see the benefits of using an online based training software that tracks an individual's progress. Oftentimes, users will recognize flagrant violations of policies but many have mixed results on more subtle ones.

Although not every online training software is going to be a video game, this type of employee training is becoming increasingly valuable in the workplace as it not only provides a convenience for employees but offers employers and managers tracking tools that allow to see into what areas employees may have struggled with and which aspects may need more instruction. 


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