Connection, interaction and multimedia are key for employee training

Job training should be something engaging and upbeat for employers.

When it comes to training employees, keeping the sessions upbeat and positive can be a challenge for any HR manager or executive, no matter how many times they've done it themselves. But, according to BusinessWeek, there are few ways that managers can make the experience enriching and upbeat for both parties.

According to BusinessWeek, trainers should make a connection with the new hires early. This can be done by learning everyone's name and a few key details about them before they even set foot in a training session. This shows the attendees that the HR manager cares about them and makes it easier for both parties to relate to and communicate with one another.

Secondly, trainers should embrace the use of multimedia. By not only using the standard PowerPoint slides, but also videos and even online training software, employers will be able to liven the training experience while disseminating important information in very unique and different ways. This will help create a more engaging experience for the trainees.

This is especially true if it can be an interactive experience. By not only creating cooperative games with co-workers but also using a learning management software that will allow new trainees to answer questions and earn a desired score, the interactive experience helps new hires retain information much better than traditional methods.

Furthermore, the use of an online training software that allows learning to take place across multimedia as well as interactively can offer employers with a trainee tracking option to maintain an eye on which areas employees may be struggling with and how far they've gotten in the program. 


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