Training is key for positive employee engagement

Effective training can build skills and set both companies and their employees an the path to success.

Training magazine recently did a little detective work. The objective was to sniff out common threads among successful companies that are also popular destinations for workers. They cross-checked their own 2012 Training Top 125 list, which highlights companies that lead the way in workforce training, with the 2012 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Capital One Corporation found itself on both the aforementioned lists.

"Capital One has a culture focused around constant improvement guided by the values of Excellence and Do the Right Thing," said Crystal Reilly, vice president of Capital One University. "The value of Excellence drives our associates to look for continuous improvement in their jobs. Training is a critical element in ensuring that associates have the skills to be successful here."

As it turns out, 18 other companies were found on both lists as well, and they overwhelmingly attributed their statuses to employee engagement through continuing education and development.

It is no surprise that workers want to develop skills that will help them advance their careers. What these 19 businesses have realized is that when employees see that management is invested in them, they in turn become more invested in the company.

How can online training solutions improve employee engagement?

Educating the workforce is important, but what many companies lack is a system of effectively measuring results and encouraging improvement. With an online learning management system, supervisors can identify strengths and weaknesses and address them constructively. For areas where an employee might be lacking, a plan for improvements can be outlined.

But, these online training solutions can also be designed to identify areas where an individual shows great potential, allowing the company to draw up a blueprint for an employee's career development in targeted areas. When the futures of two entities are linked, it's a two-way street. Using training programs to engage employees in a productive way will motivate them to contribute to the company's continued success.


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