Workforce training and academic credentials may be best employment solution

Businesses may find their best candidates in MBA students who only need some corporate training.

As many businesses complain that there aren't enough qualified candidates to fill their workforce needs and job seekers say that companies are being too picky on who to hire, Forbes has seemingly found a middle ground in a June 18 article. According to the source, while MBA graduates may not have the required industry specifics in experience, some job training for these already highly skilled individuals can help eliminate that.

Forbes argues that while MBAs may not offer the most accurate training that is capable of being crossed over they do, however, produce students who are experts on learning. Through a long academic career, those who graduate with MBAs have spent enough time learning that they've developed the habits needed to learn anything. Which bodes well for companies that implement a learning management system as part of its training program.

Although the particulars of each industry may not be taught or tested in business schools, the fundamentals are certainly expected to be mastered. That being said, when MBA graduates show up for training on their first day, employers should expect them to already know the fundamentals of business, allowing them to get right into the nitty-gritty of industry and company specifics that can take the most time and prove to be the most challenging to new hires.

Furthermore, the news source stipulates that many companies with highly effective training programs will train educate employees for a year or more. Because this may not be as feasible for some, the use of an online training software can help educate new hires in a cost effective and timely manner. 


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