Workforce training during times of transition

Training is an integral part of any organizational restructuring in the business world.

When a new leader steps into an organization struggling to find its way, they often need to shake things up. This can involve a combination of new personnel, policies and strategies that transform the company culture and its approach to short-term and long-term goals.

In a recent article for Training, a print and online magazine, Dr. Sarita Bhakuni recalled her experience helping the team at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (SFCAPC). Bhakuni, a psychologist and organizational development consultant, began working with the nonprofit at a time when it was going through a major structural overall.

A new leadership team had been put in place, including a new executive director. As the SFCAP began to evolve from a grassroots organization into a much larger entity, Bhakuni said they needed to learn how to work together more efficiently and complement one another's strengths.

"By better understanding themselves and their colleagues, the team members were able to build trust within the organization and instill confidence in all of the employees that the leadership team can solve any issue, at any time," she wrote.

When an organization goes through such a dramatic transition period, it's easy for employees to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. But, when business leaders make the effort to improve efficiency and the way people work together, everyone should come out the other end stronger than they were before.

By using learning management systems and Web survey software, business owners and directors can keep their fingers on the pulse of their workforce and see where growing concerns need to be addressed. Online evaluations can reveal critical weaknesses and areas that require additional work or policy shifts.

All of this information can then be used to tailor workforce training efforts to the specific needs of the organization.


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