Dreamforce ’12 highlights need for training workforce

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt was one of the guest speakers at Dreamforce '12, a conference meant to highlight the importance of keeping the workforce up-to-date on technology tools and their uses.

Last week, Salesforce.com hosted the Dreamforce '12 conference, an event meant to highlight the growing roles of various technologies in the modern business world. Among the guest speakers was General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt.

Immelt spoke to the crowd about about the need for companies to focus on ways to use technology to educate the workforce and create successful enterprises that will shape the world of tomorrow.

"One of the pillars of our culture is to be a learning company and always want to work on what's next," Immelt said. "So that just arches over everything. Today organizations move too slowly. By using technology, I think you can move faster. You get more transparency. You get more access."

As Immelt articulated, organizations that acknowledge the constant need to learn and adapt are the ones that enjoy the greatest long-term viability in their respective industries. They have quicker access to information and can therefore use that knowledge to their advantage. Their employees will be better trained and ready for any challenge that may come their way.

Online learning solutions are a prime example of how enterprises can keep their workers on the cutting-edge of technology and business practices. Taking a page out of Immelt's book and being a "learning" company is the best way to ensure a company's workforce is never lacking in essential skills.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke at the same conference and supported the General Electric CEO with similar arguments, saying technology and training are integral components of success.

"The potential is there, but you have to have leaders who are comfortable with the technology and not terrified," Powell said.

In any industry, online learning solutions can be used to embrace both technology and the commitment to training employees on how to use it.


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