Managing a company’s reputation

A PR crisis can leave its mark on a company like a glaring stain on a dress shirt.

With the power of the the Web and social media, companies constantly find themselves under the microscope of public scrutiny these days. As a result, public relations strategies are more important than ever.

One challenge businesses are facing with increasing regularity is in preparing entire staffs to deal with PR issues when they have no background in that area. Paying to send every employee back to school for a degree in PR is obviously not an option for most organizations, so what are the alternatives?

Online training solutions help manage company reputations

How a business is perceived by consumers and industry analysts is vital to its success. By training the workforce on how to handle specific situations that are likely to arise, company leaders can be assured that each individual is prepared to maintain a positive corporate image.

With online training systems, the ability to quickly and easily customize modules can be of great value. Unexpected situations can arise where the reputation of a company is put at risk. When management devises a strategy for handling these crises, it is imperative that employees are brought up to speed on what is expected of them in order to mitigate any damage.

The recently published "Reputation Review 2012," compiled by Oxford Media, examines the importance of properly managing negative PR events.

"Having a robust, evidence-based reputation strategy in place will minimize the likelihood of a critical event turning into a reputation crisis and will maximise the probability of recovery," according to the report.

For senior management teams, knowing that everyone from the top of the company down to the rank and file understand what is expected of them in these situations will make it easier to recover.


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