OSHA cites NJ contractor $89K in fines

OSHA has cited a New Jersey contractor for safety violations totaling more than $89K in fines.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed a series of fines totaling $89,100 against Allied Brothers Construction, Inc. of Bloomfield, New Jersey, according to an OSHA press release.

The construction company was cited for several safety violations as well as failing to provide proper training for its employees on how to recognize and avoid safety hazards. Such training can be easily accessed through online learning software, which may have benefited the business.

The citations include the use of ladders that do not extend at least three feet beyond the landing of a roof, and exposing employees to falls of up to 13 feet without proper protective measures. According to OSHA, $9,900 of the total fines stem from three serious violations. Those violations entail the use of an improperly rigged fall arrest system, an unguarded belt and pulley on a compressor, and using a defective ladder.

According to OSHA officials, the fines include amounts assessed for repeat offenses, as Allied Brothers Construction had previously been cited by administration officials at other locations throughout New Jersey.

"In 2010, there were more than 250 fall fatalities in construction in this country," said Robert Kulick, OSHA's New York regional administrator, in a statement. "Such deaths are preventable. There are three key steps to preventing falls: plan ahead to get the job done safely, provide the right equipment and train everyone to use the equipment safely. Failure to follow these steps can result in deadly or disabling injuries to workers."

Online learning solutions are an effective way of providing the necessary safety training to construction workers, not just to mitigate the financial risk of fines from OSHA, but to avoid unnecessary harm to employees and subsequent lawsuits.

In addition, online training calendars also allow companies to track the progress of their employees to ensure that all proper precautions are being taken on job sites.


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