Curbing cyberbullying in the workplace

Cyberbullying has found its way into the workplace as well as schools.

Previously in this blog we have talked about workplace bullying. Acts of abuse and derision, whether verbal or physical, cannot be tolerated in a place of business. Not only do can they lead to emotional distress for victims, but they also open employers up to all kinds of legal action.

Technology and the Web have brought bullying into the cyber realm, now. In recent years there have been countless campaigns and public service announcements aimed at curbing this trend in schools. However, little attention has been given to its presence in offices throughout the country.

According to a recent CNET article, researchers have found that 80 percent of working adults have experienced some form of negative online treatment in the last six months. They also discovered that these incidents happen with roughly the same frequency as they do in high schools.

The modern workplace uses online interaction in many capacities, whether it is through Facebook, Gchat or another messaging platform. So, it makes sense that if bullying existed in traditional forms that it too would make the transition to the Web.

Using Web survey software to prevent bullying

Unless reported by the victim, cyberbullying is more difficult to track because there's less likely to be a witness than there would be to a verbal or physical altercation. For these reasons, it's imperative that companies have clear policies on the matter.

Every employee should go through training on how to maintain a professional environment where such acts are unacceptable. But, the issue cannot be swept under a rug and ignored at that point.

With Web survey software, managers can conduct their own internal studies to identify instances of cyberbullying and make sure that all workers are able to enjoy a safe and comfortable company atmosphere.


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