Streamlining the hiring process and acquiring key talent

Data from Web survey software can help hiring teams share their impressions of candidates easily without having to find time for everyone to sit down in person.

Competition for top-level talent is always fierce, and making the right choices is critical if a company expects to be successful. However, with a long, drawn-out recruiting and hiring process, one runs the risk of letting a competitor swoop in and steal the best candidate for the job.

In a recent article for business and technology blog Inc., BlueKai CTO John Ingalls explained how his company was able to cut its typical six-week process in half. Ingalls told the news source that using data to improve recruiting efforts was the natural way to go, considering that BlueKai is a provider of data-driven marketing technology.

Rather than waiting until after multiple rounds of phone and in-person interviews were completed and then trying to find time to gather the hiring team together to discuss and vote on each candidate, BlueKai started using shared spreadsheets to track the performance of every individual, streamlining the whole process.

"In addition to letting hiring team members compare those metrics to other candidates' scores, the spreadsheet also allows them to see others' feedback and up- or down-vote a hire many times even before the hiring manager closes out the interview day," wrote Christina DesMarais, the article's author.

Similarly, through Web survey software, members of the hiring team can give their impressions of each prospect and offer commentary to go along with the metrics. The hiring manager can then access this collated data and use it to see where others within the company stand and who among the prospective new hires meets the needs and expectations of the whole team.

Data from Web survey software has been used to improve workplace efficiency, assess workforce happiness and engagement, design business strategies and more. Why not use it to streamline the recruiting process and gain the advantage when it comes to picking up key talent?


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