Study shows nearly half of HR managers lack faith in standard evaluations

Online evaluations and Web surveys can increase employee engagement and improve productivity company-wide.

A performance review can often be a tedious task. In many cases, neither the employee nor the manager enjoys the process or find it to be productive. A recent survey conducted by Globoforce and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that 45 percent of HR managers do not have faith in annual performance reviews as an accurate barometer of employee performance.

As this blog has previously discussed, employee engagement is considered by both business owners and managers to be a key to prosperity, yet companies of all sizes have struggled to successfully address the issue.

According to the Globoforce – SHRM study, only 42 percent of HR managers today actively track employee engagement, despite 94 percent saying it is a significant workforce challenge. This disconnect can be remedied with the right tools.

"For the vast majority of companies, the ability to compete and win in the marketplace is contingent on the talent and performance of its workforce," the report says. "Today's HR leaders continually seek new, innovative, and proven ways to foster strong company cultures necessary to elevate employee engagement, boost productivity, and increase employee retention."

Rather than continue with standard reviews that don't seem to be producing any positive results, companies might want to consider an alternative. By using Web survey software and increasing the frequency of worker evaluations – perhaps quarterly rather than annually – managers can find the right formula that works in their corporate environment. Inefficient practices can be eliminated while new approaches can be explored.

Online survey software will provide companies with the resources needed to not only engage employees more thoroughly – thus increasing overall productivity – but also to retain key talent and devise more successful business strategies by encouraging feedback.


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