Understanding the roles employees play in your organization

Online survey software can help business leaders identify key talent and how they are being used in specific roles.

As companies evolve, so do their employees and the roles they occupy. If an individual exhibits real talent and the ability to make significant contributions to the success of the business, they'll likely be asked to take on more responsibilities.

When someone excels at what they do, company leaders must find ways to ensure their talent does not go wasted. It is also inevitable that certain people will eventually move on to other opportunities as they advance in their careers, whether that means moving higher up the ladder in your organization or somewhere else.

However, it is not just the individual who grows and changes over time. Positions within a business will often evolve as the company itself grows. There will be new initiatives, shifting priorities, changes in the industry that must be reflected in day-to-day operations, strategies and much more.

In a recent video interview with technology and business blog Inc., Careers in Transition CEO Indigo Triplett discussed the importance of monitoring how roles change and what is being asked of those who fill them. Since Triplett's company provides career development counseling to both individuals and institutions, she has valuable insight in this area.

"Well, as you grow, you need to look at what is that position and what are the skill sets required in that position, and you've got to make sure that you hire the right people for that particular position," she said. "Really look at the job description."

As employees move up within the business or on to outside opportunities, critical jobs must be filled. Even when not undergoing a transition, understanding how a person's skills are being utilized in their current role can help management improve overall productivity and talent retention.

By using online survey software, companies can keep track of how positions change over time. They can also track the development of specific team members and recognize opportunities that arise as those individuals build on their existing skill sets.


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