Web survey software helps assess team vision and performance

Web survey software can be used to identify performance issues and align the vision of a company and its employees.

As startups perform well and scale up, it is helpful for management to understand exactly who and what is contributing to that success. This information can ensure that a winning formula is not abandoned and that employees are being utilized in the most effective way possible.

Web survey software allows companies to stay connected with their employees, identify both top and poor performers, and then devise strategies on how to achieve continued success.

David Ulevitch, CEO and founder of OpenDNS, a provider of an internet-wide security network, sat down recently with business and technology blog GigaOM to discuss how he keeps his finger on the pulse of the company's workforce. The OpenDNS roster has been expanding so rapidly that Ulevitch predicts that by the end of 2012 half of his team will have been with the company for less than a year.

With the business expanding and so many new team members being brought in, it's vital that employees continue to share the same vision and believe that it is attainable. Ulevitch and OpenDNS use a quarterly employee survey to determine just that.

"When everyone's on the same page and everyone's working toward a common goal, you feel that energy inside the company – and it's been really refreshing to see that," he said.

With online survey software, management teams can learn if their employees have faith in the company and its goals and identify poor performers. Those in leadership roles can then work to develop a unified vision and find ways to motivate workers.

In some cases, performance can be improved, but there may be employees who lack dedication or are simply not happy as a member of the team. Ulevitch says he has learned it's best to end such a relationship and allow unhappy workers to move on to success elsewhere. This can save the company from investing time and money in a situation that is unlikely to benefit either party.


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