OSHA to investigate Connecticut man’s fatal fall from tree

Individuals working in trees and other elevated areas must be properly trained in safety protocols.

Previously in this blog, we have discussed the importance of training employees on what to do in the event of a natural disaster. But, what happens afterward is perhaps just as vital.

People all over the country have been contributing to relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The Eastern Seaboard was ravaged by powerful wind and rain as well as flooding that caused millions of dollars in damage. Oftentimes, when individuals try to help others in these storm-stricken areas recover, they find themselves in hazardous situations.

Over the weekend, a Naugatuck man fell to his death while attempting to cut part of a tree down in Middlebury, Connecticut, according to local newspaper the Republican-American. He was more than 40 feet in the air trying to assist in the cleanup after the storm had passed.

The news source reports that something went wrong and caused him to become entangled in the tree's branches, at which point it began to topple and he plummeted to the ground.

Local police said that the victim worked for K Landscaping and that they, along with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), will investigate the incident further.

The aftermath of natural disasters can be devastating and relief efforts are rarely easy. Whether a company volunteers its services or is simply trying to get back to business as usual, it is imperative that the proper precautions be taken.

Before sending workers out to job sites following a hurricane, employers should make sure that everyone has been trained on specific safety hazards that they are likely to encounter and how to deal with them.

With a training management system, a business leader can guarantee that only individuals who have been properly prepared are sent into these situations.


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