ASA numbers find an increase in temporary employee demand and training

Staffing agencies experienced an increase in demand as well as the need for new-hire training.

As the economy starts to recover from the recession of June 2009, many industries are starting to see expansion and an increase in demand for new employees. The hospitality industry is the most recent bearer of this news, as, according to BusinessWeek, the sector is seeing faster growth than any other industry.

Furthermore, the American Staffing Association's (ASA) April numbers say that temporary jobs across all sectors are rising. According to the ASA, staffing employment was up 6.9 percent more in April 2012 than it was in April 2011. Also, staffing agencies hired an average of 2.8 million temporary and contract workers per day in 2011, which is an 8 percent increase from the previous year.

"Staffing agencies are seeing request for short-term employees, but also evaluation hires, who initially work as a temp but transition to a permanent position if all goes well," said training expert Rafferty Pendery. "With fast and efficient training, these temp workers can prove their value quickly and then move into full-time jobs."

The rise in temporary workers can be considered as a good metric for the recovering economy as many of these positions offer an expansion into full-time employment. Furthermore, the rise in demand of help – even if just temporary – is always a positive note for the economy.

As more companies are taking on temporary employees with opportunities to become full-time, these companies and staffing agencies may benefit from investing in online training software that can allow for the quickest and most efficient way to train these new hires and limit time spent in the costly leaning portion of the employment process. 


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