Natural gas industry expands along with need for proper training

Natural gas is an expanding industry that needs special training for its employees.

With the job market as competitive as it is, it can be hard for some job seekers to keep up with the rat race. But, with the energy crisis still in heavy debate amongst top politicians, one industry is not only booming in nature but also as a job market: natural gas.

An Associated Press report on the subject highlighted a few examples of individuals who – with the proper job training – were able to procure positions in the natural gas industry after once feeling helpless against the conventional job market.

One such example is upstate New Yorker Rick Allen. The 49-year-old former electronics technician moved back to New York from Washington D.C. and was having troubles finding employment.

"I happened to walk into the workforce center and saw a sign on the wall for natural gas training," Allen told the Associated Press. "I never knew anything about natural gas."

After a 72-hour course at a local community college, Allen graduated and was able to procure a position with Superior Well Services as a computer technician, building on his previous electronics skills and his natural gas training.

According to ShaleNET – a coalition focusing on recruiting, training and placing individuals in high-priority and entry level natural gas jobs – it takes nearly 400 working individuals in roughly 150 positions to operate a single drilling well. As the natural gas industry continues to expand, this type of workforce will be increasing in demand and, therefore, the prevalent training.

Drilling company owners may want to streamline their productivity by investing in an online job training software that can not only provide training company specific issues but also comply with OSHA requirements. 


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