Businesses, employees evolve together

Online training solutions can ease growing pains as companies expand and adapt their focus.

With all the tools that are available to businesses today – the internet, social media, mobile apps and many other ever-evolving technologies – comes the need for adaptability. Subsequently, strategies for startups and established companies alike are changing at the drop of a dime. When that next big thing comes out, changing the way people look at a certain product or service, employees need to adapt as their company's goals are redefined.

Successful businesses will often look to scale up as quickly as they can so they don't lose momentum. For example, the picture-oriented social media site Instagram was founded in late 2010 and made such a splash on the Web that it was purchased by Facebook less than two years later for $1 billion.

As a company grows and brings on new employees, or shifts directions and redefines itself, there are bound to be some growing pains. That's where workforce training comes in. Maintaining a team that recognizes the goals of a company and knows how to reach them is essential.

"Structure is always the hardest agent of change within an organization" Curt Richardson wrote in an Inc. article earlier this month. "It requires leaders and employees to ask where am I now and where do I fit in tomorrow. Companies can facilitate this by offering training and professional development classes as well as opportunities to delve deeper into what an individual's strengths and goals are."

Online training solutions are one of the most efficient ways of maintaining a high standard of employee performance. Companies can tailor online testing modules to their needs and use online evaluations to identify employees that perform exceptionally well, and spot those who may need further training in specific areas. Doing so can help avoid unnecessary turnover and maintain a stable working environment for everyone.


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