Companies may need to use training software to create more qualified workers

Using an online training software can help candidates who may not have been qualified become very competent.

When it comes to a company's productivity, oftentimes the difference between a quality workforce and a compromised one can be due to a case of numbers. Such is the result of a recent CareerBuilder survey that shows companies with too many open positions tend to suffer in both revenue and performance, perhaps prompting the need for an online training software to quickly train new hires.

According to the survey, 38 percent of businesses reported they have vacant positions due to a lack of qualified candidates. In addition, about 34 percent of respondents said that these vacancies have led to a lower quality in work production from current employees taking on too large of a load. Another 23 percent have even cited a loss in revenue from a lack of an adequate workforce.

"If we want to see more positive movement in the U.S. market, we have to do a better job of realigning the skills of our labor force with positions that are in high demand," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. "Prolonged vacancies can result in lower quality work, lower sales and morale, and can cause a delay in creating other related positions within the organization. Fortunately, we see more companies taking matters into their own hands and putting programs in place to retain and transition workers."

If companies are having a hard time finding qualified employees, they may want to invest in a learning management software that can help them train the closest qualified candidate. By using an online training software, these companies will be able to enhance the quality of work these new employees will produce as well as avoid the negative effects that may occur if waiting for the perfect candidate. 


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