Job skills of tomorrow needed today

Academic institutions and businesses are looking to online learning solutions to train tomorrow's workforce.

With the tools available to entrepreneurs today, technological innovations are coming at a more rapid pace than perhaps ever before. For companies to stay competitive in their respective industries, maintaining a well-trained workforce is essential.

In a contributing blog for The Huffington Post, New Tech Network President Lydia Dobyns discusses the need for academic institutions to realize that the job's of today require the skills of tomorrow. Gone are the days when all one needed was reading, writing and arithmetic. Many of the most lucrative jobs now require strong analytical and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and paradigm shifts.

Companies must recognize that the same approach is needed in the workplace. An online learning management system is the best way for businesses to maintain a highly efficient workforce and modify training protocols based on emerging skills priorities.

The American Management Association conducted a survey earlier this year to determine which "21st century skills" are most valued in employees. Of the managers surveyed, 80.4 percent said communication skills are a key area potential employees are evaluated in while 72.4 percent strongly value critical thinking skills. Also, 71.2 percent prioritize the ability to collaborate with others and 57.3 percent highly value creativity.

When asked why these skills are becoming more critical, 91 percent cited the "pace of change in business today." Companies must keep up with industries that could operate on a different set of standards from one day to the next.

"Many executives feel that their current workforce is not as well developed in these areas as they need to be," said AMA President and CEO Edward T. Reilly. "As such, management will need to address these skill gaps in order to compete in a global market."

Without continuous training opportunities for employees, businesses will have to deal with high turnover rates as they constantly need to bring in new workers with updated skill sets.


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