Job training may help curtail increase in unemployment percentage

With the unemployment rate increasing by 0.1 percent in May, many analysts have began the debate on what may be the cause of this tumultuous job market. Some experts consider the recent graduates as cause of the increase while others, including Wall Street Journal economics reporter David Wessel, think it might actually come from the lack of job training conducted by employers.

"Well training has always been a complicated issue, because employers are reluctant to spend a lot on training somebody who then can go work somewhere else," said Wessel in an interview with NPR. "In general, jobs require more training, more computer know-how, but companies don't train as much as they did, they prefer to hire workers who already know how to do the exact job."

Wessel suggests that companies may want to spend a little more on training their employees, especially since the job market is in turmoil. By doing this, employers may be able to get the employee that fits the culture of the business and may have the skill set needed, but with a little training, can do the specific job.

Furthermore, rather than screening applicants with a software that only scans for keywords on a resume, employers who take the time to check the candidates and applications may be able to find an applicant who can easily do the job with a little training, despite not fitting the ideal mold.

This type of training can be easily be accomplished with a dynamic online learning software that can make it easy for, not only the employer to implement the learning management software, but also the new hire to learn the necessary information at an efficient rate. 


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