Microsoft to expand workforce into new office in Silicon Valley

Microsoft is expanding to a new Silicon Valley office.

As the economy recovers, many businesses are seeking to expand their workforce. Whether that means a new facility or simply more desks, expanding companies are starting to become commonplace. As such, these companies may need to increase their workforce training initiatives to take on new employees. One such example comes from the technology giant Microsoft, who is expanding into a new Silicon Valley office space.

The company's newest facility is part of the Moffet Towers in Sunnyvale, California and consists of 237,121 square feet. Employees from all of Microsoft's business groups will work in the Moffet Towers offices, including new hires that the company may need to spend time training. In such a case, they may want to invest in an online training software that can handle the demand of a company with high expectations like Microsoft.

Although Microsoft may be headquartered outside of Seattle, this isn't the company's first presence in the Silicon Valley area. Since 1981 the company has had more than 2,500 employees in the Valley, according to the company's press release.

"The opening of the Moffett Towers office represents our commitment to Microsoft Silicon Valley as a strategic location for the company in the heart of a rich technology ecosystem and talent pool," said Qi Lu, president of online services division at Microsoft. "Microsoft has a long history in Silicon Valley, and we look forward to continuing our legacy on the forefront of technology in the area."

Other companies that are expanding may find themselves needing to hire new employees. When doing so, the use of a learning management software can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. 


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