Reality show highlights dangers of poor training

Spike TV reality show "Bar Rescue" uses the hospitality industry to highlight the importance of training employees to avoid bad habits.

Workers are the lifeblood of any business, and companies succeed or fail by the training provided to their employees. That's why it is imperative for managers to do everything in their power to help team members thrive.

A perfect example of this can be found in the Spike TV original series "Bar Rescue." The star and executive producer of the series, Jon Taffer, is a world renowned hospitality industry veteran and consultant who has spent more than 30 years helping bars and restaurants turn a profit.

The show's premise is simple. A business has fallen into disrepair. Declining sales, inflated debt, countless health code violations and bad habits picked up by employees have led these establishments to the brink of financial ruin. Taffer is called in to reinvent the company, retrain everyone – from management down to busboys – and turn it into a popular and profitable bar.

While Taffer's brash way of dealing with owners and employees at these waning watering holes may provide entertaining television, no business owner should want to get to the point where they need to call in someone like him to help with a drastic turnaround.

No matter what industry one works in, online training systems can prevent such dire circumstances from threatening an enterprise. Not only do they help to prevent bad habits from permeating a staff, but they can also be modified and used to help correct unexpected issues that arise before they become widespread.

With training tracking software, managers also have the added benefit of knowing exactly where their employees' strengths and weaknesses lie, enabling them to identify and address areas of concern in a timely manner.


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