UnitedHealth Group expands in Texas, needs to hire and train 1,500 new employees

UnitedHealth Group is hiring over 1,000 new employees in Texas.

Healthcare is a burgeoning and highly skilled field that employs all aspects of workers, from doctors with years of medical experience to corporate positions that provide services on accounting and sales. In fact, UnitedHealth Group – a major healthcare and benefits provider – is expanding its presence in Texas and is adding, and subsequently training, nearly 1,500 new positions.

The company plans on adding 330 new jobs in a new fulfillment center for its OptumRx prescription and pharmacy benefits management organization. Furthermore, Optum is planning on entering a new Connextions facility which will add 800 new jobs. And then both companies are planning creating 250 new jobs in San Antonio as well as 115 new jobs in Harlingen by UnitedHealthcare, the Group's health benefits business.

The company currently employs 11,000 Texans and serves more than 3.3 million people in the state. Its healthcare network reaches nearly 500 hospitals and more than 36,800 physicians and other professionals across the state.

"The commitment and know-how of our employees in Texas will further enhance our ability to serve our clients and help manage healthcare costs," said Dirk McMahon, CEO of OptumRx. "As the U.S. population ages and more people gain access to health insurance, Americans will be using more prescription drugs, so the importance of our Texas employees will only increase in the future."

The healthcare facilities will be hiring for claims processors, pharmacists and many other positions that involve training, workforce management and quality management. In addition, the company expects to be fully staffed and operating by next year.

With such a tall order of staffing requirements in a quick turn around, UnitedHealth Group – as well as any other company that needs to hire and train a large group of employees very quickly – may want to invest in an online training software that quickly and effectively educate new hires on the best practices and mode of operations for their positions in a company. 


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