Utah-based manufacturing facility receives SHARP award

A Salt Lake City-based manufacturing company received a SHARP award from OSHA.

Oftentimes, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will issue citations for workplace injuries or code violations but, every now and then, the administration will recognize the facilities and companies that have achieved exceptional safety and health levels. Often, these organizations have employees who were trained very well. For instance, Boart Longyear, an integrated exploration drilling products and services provider, received the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) award for its Salt Lake City-based manufacturing facility.

The SHARP award is presented to companies that maintain an exceptional health safety and health management system in their workplace or facilities. Boart Longyear's Salt Lake City manufacturing facility that was granted the award worked with OSHA officials to identify and implement best practices that protect its workers. Furthermore, the two associations were able to develop an innovative management system that enabled these achievements.

"The entire Boart Longyear company takes safety very seriously," said Drew Butler, the plant manager of Boart's Salt Lake City manufacturing plant. "We implement the same safety standards and practices as our driller out in the field."

According to the press release, Boart Longyear emphasizes communication between workers and management as well as the practice of safety by all employees outside of the work environment. It's this type of culture that OSHA credits to the company in receiving its SHARP award.

While many companies may use online OSHA training or online compliance training as a means to avoid OSHA citations and other harmful violations, the same learning management software can be used to achieve a working environment worthy of recognition. This type of achievement can aid in recruiting talent as well as maintaining an employee-friendly workplace. 


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